Northpark Information Solutions

Information & web solutions for the professional, the small business and the NGO

Additional Services

In addition to the services stated on the front page, we offer the following where needed…

Web based DB Applications/Solutions:

Data and Information is the key to any successful decision made in organizations and therefore needless to say, Profits and revenue very much depend on the decisions made. Having the correct tools at hand to interpret and extract data is critical – Applications built to operate via web, are found to be most efficient for organizations requiring remote access or where multiple office setups are the case. Data is stored on Secure off site Servers and is accessible on multi level permission basis.

Process/Office Automation:

Getting to understand you’re small to medium business, we maintain business sustainability by looking at companies’ resources and networks selecting the strengths and weak points that will ultimately benefit there company.
Creating systems that harbor a constant input but additional output, letting out more productivity at the end of the day.

We build systems that allow different departments to interact via one system, cutting down on people running around with papers and books. Making it easier now for every department to go to one system and program and see what the other needs or done The systems we build around the companies recourses that allow them to work as a smooth industry allowing a easy flow through out departments:

• Makes there work less tedious.
• Trim hours off there workload.
• Gives time for one to over see other fields and aspects of ones company knowing the work flow is easier

II systems design and installation:

Northpark has started venturing into system builds that creates programs to manage businesses on a easier bases.
Allowing the client satisfaction with his or her productivity, also by managing his company easier and pleasant.
We Create a system which is user friendly and allows the client to monitor his inventory for example, up load research or data that will be a benefit to his company.
We also set up your basic pc set ups and internet, programs for the small businesses that needs the start up.
We also do your basic school pc set ups.

Project management:

Our team of Management and Web developer and strong administrator backgrounds, we are suitable to take on many projects where there is a beginning and a end. Our aim for any task we acquire is too see that we stay with in the requirments put out by our clients, meeting targets, dead lines and staying with in the budget, trying to save the client money where possible. Our mission is “Set new standards”